The data comes from NZTA, and was published for the period Jan 2000 to Mar 2015 as public CSV files. The NZTA compiles police crash reports into an internal system called CAS (Crash Anaylsis System)
We have analysed all the crash data to identify places where there are many crashes within close proximity. In fact each hotspot represents the crashes within a 25 m radius circle. Most hotspots are intersections but there are also dangerous bends and so on. For each hotspot we identify further information about it such as trends, primary causes, and provide charts of this.
Yes, you can see the hotspot map and information on Android phones and tablets. Its available from the Play Store under the name "Crash NZ". The Apple version will be coming out shortly. At a later time we will include the crashes map also.
On the crashes map, you can bring up the Search panel. Under Type of Vehicle, you can select "Bicycle"
On either the crashes or hotspot map, you can bring up the Search panel. After you have made selections and got the results you want you can press the Get Link button. This generates a tiny url which copies all your settings. When someone opens the tiny url, they should see what you see.
On the hotspot map, you can bring up the Search panel. There is a selection for Trend over Time for Improving / Worsening / Staying the Same. Press search to see the results.
The data is currently only sourced from the NZTA who compile it from police reports. There is some under reporting of severe injuries, and very significant under-reporting of minor and non injury crashes.
We currently only have data from Jan 2000 to Mar 2015. We are looking to upload more recent data as and when it becomes available to us.
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